Hootienista's March Newletter

And April News

March HIghlights

What a great month we had, we had our highest team sales of all time at $59,670.24 WOW that is so awesome!!!!
We had a lot of rank ups this month. Congrats to....

Wendy Pope Senior Team Leader
Stephanie Sicilia Team Leader
Christina Taverna Lead Designer
Sheila Blair Lead Designer
Amanda Purvis Lead Designer
Amy Nolen Lead Designer

Way to Go

Top 3 sales go to
Stephanie Knepp 3,586.47
Tiffany Carter 3,079.90
Adrianne Lazar 2,555.76

April News

We have a lot of exciting new for April. The biggest is the release of our new catalog and hostess rewards program starting April 16th. 6 new lockets, 111 new charms, 11 new dangles, 3 new chains and 10 new tags, its' going to be awesome. Another reminder the changed tag incentive has been extended through the 30th and you get double points now till then, so sell those changed tags and win some awesome prizes. April should be amazing there are some great training tips in the back office that go over goal setting I find them very helpful. Write down your goals for this month and the next 3 months. Let's focus on booking parties, events and recruiting to build our business :)
I will be doing another $99 pv challenge this month anyone who has $99 in pv will be entered into a drawing. I may have some other exciting things too, but that will be announced later. Thank you for all you hard work, you are truly amazing.

Brittney Curry #1616 Executive Team Leader