Frequently Asked Questions

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When do you come to the library?

We don't have regularly scheduled classes - you can come before/during home room during lunch, and during directed study - your classes will also come to the library for specific projects and for research

Checking Out Books / Returning Books

  • You can check out books anytime!
  • Books are checked out for 2 weeks - they can be renewed
  • You may have up to 5 books checked out on your account
  • We will send late notices to you via First Class or notices

When you return books, please put them in the book return slot

Passes and Signing In

If you come to the library during lunch, study or class - you must have a pass from the teacher.

You need to sign in any time you come to the library.

Computer Use

  1. Laptops are for school work only.
  2. Laptops must be used at the dedicated laptop tables in the library