4th Grade News

December 14th, 2015

Things to know about this week...

Project Update

A Time for Giving-

As a school, we raised over 1,400 items for Love Chapel! The students were so happy and proud of all the items that they donated. The conversations about helping those in need were a wonderful thing to hear them discuss. Fourth Grade took the lead by bringing in over 400 items! We have won a celebration in our gym this Wednesday afternoon.

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Find the Newsletter and Homework below:

Goals this week:

Math: I can use the long division strategy to divide up to four digit dividends by a one digit divisor. I can read and find coordinates on a grid. I can measure angles using full and half protractors. *Assessment on Wednesday

ELA: I can find the author's point of view in nonfiction by identifying the clues within the text. I can figure out the meanings of unknown words by understanding Greek roots. I can use irregular verbs. I can spell compound words.

Accelerated Reader Goals

We take our reading comprehension levels and goals very seriously in 4th Grade! Each quarter the students take an online assessment that helps determine their current reading ability. Together, we look at the results and determine a point goal for the quarter. The students have to check out books at their level each week and work to meet their goals. We are getting so close! Every student that meets his or her goal by this Thursday is invited to a celebration on Friday!

Birthdays This Week:

John Fischvogt 12/17

Melia Hubbard 12/19