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December Edition

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New Contract Information

Contracts are in! If you have not received your copy, please reach out to your building rep.

Thank you for your patience!

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Do you ever wonder what all of those codes for deductions are in you paycheck?

Click here to check out the deduction codes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zP8ZzAnlEMC2nanXWrRG1l-R0PZSu_0s/view?usp=sharing

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If you are concerned about changes to school start and end times, please make sure to pay attention to Dr. Sawyer's emails and opportunities to share your opinion. Make sure your voice is heard!

The remaining timeline regarding this project, which could result in changing school start times for the 2023-2024 school year, is as follows:

December 12: Public webinar with Dr. Judith Owens from Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, expert on child and adolescent sleep
December 14: Sleep Health Advisory Committee presents potential options for start time changes to the School Committee
December 15: Survey sent to stakeholders regarding start time options presented
January 4: Public hearing at the School Committee meeting to receive in-person feedback
January 18: Discussion of schedule change options and potential vote by the School Committee
January 25: Potential additional School Committee discussion and vote (if necessary)
February 1: Last recommended date opportunity for School Committee discussion/vote (if necessary)

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A message from SEA Membership:

With the new school year underway, we want to share some information with you and ask that you please reach out with questions. We need your help to ensure that your membership is up to date.

1. If you are NEW to SPS and have not filled out an MTA membership form, please reach out to your building reps to get signed up!

2. MTA cards should have arrived...reach out if not received or information is incorrect.

NOTE: If your building information is incorrect, please fill out THIS FORM so we can update everything for you.

3. Keep us posted with name/address and home email changes. Connect with a building rep or fill out THIS FORM.

4. Check your pay stub to ensure you are having dues deducted. If you are not, or have a question about the amount, please reach out to Heather via treasurers.sea@gmail.com.

5. If you had to move your room (involuntary), moving stipends should have been included in your 9/28/22 paycheck. If you did not receive a stipend but believe you should have, please contact your building reps.

We will be conducting our first audit in late October. Please be sure to complete questions 1-3 ASAP so we may include this in our audit. Know that we may reach out to confirm information and/or for clarification...thank you in advance for your cooperation...keeping our rosters accurate allows us to ensure dues are appropriately allocated.

Any questions, please see one of your building reps:

SHS: Chris MacDonald, Rick Doherty, Lori Blasioli,

Caroline Sherman, Pam Leblanc (Dir.), Monica Charest

Oak: Susana Pierce, Stacey Militello

Sherwood: Cait Shaw, Kevin Donahue, Karen Goudreau, Maura O’Neil

Beal: Laura Spangenberg, Angela Poppalardo, Audreanna Sauro, Heidi Richard

Coolidge: Jennifer Flemming, Tiffany Grillo

Parker: Bridget Nichols, Meghan Braun

Paton: Lisa Smith, Stephanie Halacy

Spring: Alison Campbell, Sandra Travers

Floral: Kara Frankian, Anne Ross, Emily Rosenzweig, Erin Goulding

Hope to see you at the Meet and Greet on October 18th!

Thank you!

Pam LeBlanc - Membership Chair - membership.sea@gmail.com

Heather Penfield - Treasurer - treasurers.sea@gmail.com

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