Shots Fired on Fort Sumter

Let the War Begin!

April 12, 1861, Fort Sumter, South Carolina

We are going to war with the North, because the North is abolitionists. Abolitionists are people who want to abolish slavery. The Southerners support slavery and want slavery to expand. However, the North is against slavery expanding which causes the government to lose balance. The North is willing to compromise by letting the South keep slavery where it is, and not let them expand. Except this compromise does not work.

Who supported the South?

Jefferson Davis is elected president in the Confederacy. Thomas J. Jackson also known as "Stonewall Jackson." General Robert E. Lee is the commander of the Eastern troops. South Carolina is the first state to secede from the North. North Carolina and Tennessee are the last to secede from the Union.

Advantages 101!

The North had many advantages but so did the South. The war was mostly fought on Southern territory, so the South didn't have to travel very far. The South also had better Generals than the North.