Born 2 Be Wild

Wild Animals Are Meant For The Wild Keep Them There

Wild Chimp Rips Owners Face Off

In Connecticut a chimp named Travis rips Charla Nashs face off. They first got the chimp when he was just 3 days old. When he started to grow he started to run through the town, and also started to act crazy. This all happened because he was kept inside and not put back in the wild.

Its Dangerous To Keep Wild Animals, For Everyone And Everything

Imagine that you keep a wild animal in your house. You try to tame it and keep it as a pet but it just resists you. So it just ends up biting you. This is very dangerous these wild animals can give you diseases and some can even kill you. Plus imagine you take a pack of wolves from the wild... you take them and then you keep them for a while. While that happens maybe some animals will have to many babies maybe some will die. You taking animals from the wild would make an impact either small or big.

Is it legal or illegal


No person can possess large cats, including their hybrids, any bear species and any wolf-hybrid unless the animal was possessed prior to July 7 2000. A prior entry permit must be obtained from the director for all other wild animal or exotic animal species not listed above or regulated by the fish and wildlife service of the United States Department of Interior or the Department of Natural Resources of this state. Prior to an exotic animal entering the state the Department of Natural Resources may require the possessor to have the animal examined by an accredited veterinarian to determine the health status, proper housing, husbandry and confinement standards are all correct

This is in Michigan it is different everywhere you go.

What the experts say

"They're not pets," said Tim Harrison, of Ohio rescue group Outreach for Animals.

"That's the sad part. People get the wrong idea watching television shows.

“A wild animal will be in the bush, and in less than a week it’s in a little girl’s bedroom,” said Darin Carroll, a disease hunter with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Taking an animal from the wild and putting it in your child’s bedroom is just not a good idea,” said Paul Arguin, a CDC expert on exotic animal imports. “We just don’t know a lot about the diseases these animals carry.”

Attacks from animals to human and human to animals

This is how many casualties there have been in these attacks from only a couple of stats in 2012

From bear attacks there have been 28 human injures and 4 human deaths. Big cat attacks 164 humans injured and 21 human deaths. Elephants 52 human injures and 14 human deaths. Marine animals there have been 9 injures and 2 deaths. For other primates 129 attacks and 0 deaths. Reptiles 103 injures and 19 deaths. Others, ( other animals ) 58 injures and 16 deaths.

In total 543 injures and 75 deaths. ( humans )

Then the total deaths of the animals were 200, and 55 animals were injured. 55 deaths were from big cats and 30 of these deaths were from primates.