Upcoming Adult Learning OPPORTUNITIES for K-12 EDUCATORS

This newsletter contains information about Exchange Hours, GT training, Welcome Week for New Hires & Fall Kick Off!

*New* Gifted & Talented PROFESSIONAL LEARNING REQUIREMENTS for 2023-2024


K-12 core classroom teachers, special education inclusion and co-teachers, advanced academics teachers, counselors, campus administrators and district admin who make educational decisions for students identified as gifted.


December 2023; Educators required to complete the GT Core 30 will have one semester to submit proof of learning in the form of official certificates in Strive. It is highly recommended that educators keep a copy of certificates for all required learning in a secure location.

Beginning Teachers and Teachers who are completing the TEA Reading Academies will have one academic year to complete the Gifted and Talented Core 30.

Extensions for special circumstances will be handled on a case per case basis in collaboration with the campus principal.


AP Summer Institute qualifies for 12 hours...

...of the GT Core 30 hours. Participants must still complete 18 hours of content related to nature and needs, identification, assessment design, and learning needs of students, typically covered in the first 18 hours of the training. If you have your 30 hours, APSI can act as your yearly Update.

Many other professional learning sessions can qualify toward yearly required GT updates.

Prior to registering for a 6 Hour Update, be sure to check with your GT Specialist or the Director for Advanced Academics to ensure your update meets the qualifications.
Advanced Placement Summer Institutes

Please familiarize yourself with the APSI registration process and follow the outlined directions in this document. LEISD supports all Pre-AP and AP teachers through APSI; all Pre-AP and AP teachers should plan to attend an APSI this summer.

GT Professional Learning Smore link

Gifted & Talented requirements, professional learning options, and more here

Interested in Writing Curriculum? Apply Here!

Complete the application for an opportunity to write curriculum with peers across the district. Monetary compensation and CPE hours for curriculum writers.


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What are Exchange Hours and Exchange Days?

Exchange Hours are Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits completed by educators outside the contracted workday. Off-contract professional learning hours accumulate and are exchanged yearly for designated paid days off, or Exchange Days, during the school year.

For the 2023-2024 school year, the designated Exchange Day is May 28th, 2024. The designated day must be exchanged for 6 hours of qualifying professional learning, totaling 6 hours. This is for employees on a 187 contract. Please check your specific calendar for details

What happens if I don’t earn Exchange Hours or don’t submit proof of learning? Are there consequences?

Failure to earn all or part of the Exchange Hours required for one’s role will result in the following consequences, in this order, for missing Exchange Hours: requirement to report to professional learning on designated Exchange Day (listed above); loss of local/state days, in 3 hour increments; docked pay, in 3 hour increments.

If an employee leaves the district prior to earning Exchange Hours required for their role, they will be docked days/pay on their final paycheck from the district.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions regarding adult learning and GT hours in LE.

Exchange Hour Educator Independent Study Request

Please use this form to request professional learning hours when a traditional certificate could not be awarded. Examples: independent book studies & projects, hands-on experience, or original art/ writing. Approved hours awarded in Strive.