Neolithic Revolution

Early humans

First farm animals

Dogs were the first domesticated/or tamed and bred. Dogs are descendants by wolves. Dogs were most likely used for hunting. People first domesticated farm animals about 10,000 years ago.People directed those animals to rich food sources and kept herds near human settlement. These animals were probably easily to domesticated because of their small size,their tameness,and their plant-based diet. They provide wool,hides, milk, and manure. ox,cow,bull, were used to help with labor in the fields. An animal especially a large or dangerous four-footed one and a load especially a heavy one,It spread from animal populations to humans.

The first crop

Early people gathered food from wild plants. People needed to move to a new location to get resources. cultivation means prepare and use [land] for gardening. They settle in one place because they have better control their food. Some historians believe that a diminishing supply of wild grain may led to the beginning of farming.Archaeologists believe woman were the first farmers. Woman must likely noticed patterns in the growth of wild plants in the areas ,they repeated visited and learned how to grow . Men continued hunting. No, because they abandon their settlements and return to hunting to hunting and gathering. They used fertile lands and water. They used pig manure. They used pits and building for crop storage. Adaptation the intimate association with human beings.

why,where, and when

Revolution is a widespread change of life. When humans largely shifted away from living as roaming hunter-gatherers and began farming in settled agrarian communities. Did not happened quickly, it occurred gradually over several thousands years. They moved from place to place following the migration of the animals, they hunted for food. The search for safety,food, and shelter has resulted in the migration or, mass movement, of people from one part or the world to another. People settle in these areas and eventually learned how to help the plant life in the area grow. Many people continued to hunt and gather food. The first permanent structures were found in the middle east and it is 14,000 and 11,000 years ago . People begin to settle down in china, India, Egypt, Peru, and Mexico. The connection between farming and civilization is farming effect civilization because the spread of farming equates to the spread of civilization.