Ann Marie Saavedra

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How did they develop their flag? Argentina developed their flag with a pale blue and white colors. The pattern is pale blue/white/pale blue since February 12, 1812. Later on in February 25, 1818, they updated it by adding the golden "Sun of May". They added the "Sun of May" to reference the events that happened in May of 1810, when the sun supposedly shone through the clouds. They have not updated since then.


What did Jose de San Martin do to let Argentina have freedom from Spain?

Jose de San Martin led Argentina to freedom. They led Argentina to freedom by "First Triumvirate" (a political alliance) appointed him a lieutenant colonel of cavalry, which asked him to create a cavalry unit. Back then, Buenos Aires did not have good cavalry. San Martin began to organize the "Regiment of Mounted Grenadiers" with Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear (an Argentine politician) and Jose Matias Zapiola (a marine). As Buenos Aires lacked professional military leaders, San Martín was trusted with the protection of the whole city. Instead, he concentrated on the job on building the military unit.


Why is the Pampas important to Argentina? The Pampas is important to Argentina. It grows wheat, corn, and sunflower seeds. It is also home to cattle and sheep.


Is there another symbol important to Argentina than the gauchos? If so why or why not? There are a lot of important symbols for Argentina. For example, another important symbol is the "Coat of Arms". The "Coat of Arms" symbolizes Argentina by the rising of Argentina, the unity of provinces of Argentina, and the power and willingness to defend the freedom.