Combs Update

Thank You!

  • · For one of the best Curriculum Nights Ever!
  • · Shawn, for leading an instructional round for our 2nd grade teachers!
  • · Debbie Falkner, Ashley Landis and Jennifer Randle for conducting LetterLand Instructional Rounds last week and again this week.
  • · For seeking to understand our students and their needs and loving them through their challenges.
  • · For being a team player when we need extra coverage because someone is out.
  • · Kelly, for arranging our staff development next week.
  • · Third grade team and Cortney for organizing and executing our BOG testing
  • · To those who participated in IEP meetings last week and we all know who you are. I appreciate your careful and thoughtful pre-planning and the professional manner in which you present information to parents.
  • · Tier 2 team for organizing best services for students.
  • · Katie for handling some very difficult cases and for always putting our children first


· Please don’t forget to put a “drop” in someone’s bucket this week. Be a BUCKET FILLER this week!

· Specialists- If a child is injured or there is a discipline problem in your class that warrants parents’ attention, the SPECIALIST, not the classroom teacher is the one who should contact the parent and handled the issue.

· We are so excited about our staff development on Thursday. The admin team will take notes and compile them in a document for you to have and reference after the training is complete. We want you to be fully engaged in the training and are happy to do this for you. You will not need to bring your laptops to this training. Lunch will be own on Thursday.

· If you have not yet paid your hospitality dues or PTA Dues, please do so as soon as you can.

The Week in Review


· We will have a faculty meeting immediately after school in the Media Center. Please bring your laptop and have your PowerSchool log in with you


· Covey Training- Friday Institute – 8:30-3:30

· Lighthouse Team Meeting


· Covey Training- Friday Institute- 8:30

· Kelly and Kendra- Teacher Effectiveness


· Workday- Covey Training


· PBIS Coach will visit Combs

· IEP meetings ALL DAY LONG

7 Habits NEW STAFF Training

Tuesday, Sep. 23rd, 8:30am

1890 Main Campus Dr

Raleigh, NC