Africa Features

4 physical features

Sahara Desert

The sahara desert is the largest desert ever! Even though the sahara Desert has the harshest climates ever it expands from the atlantic ocean to the red sea. Also sand dunes cover 15% of the desert. So the sahara desert is the largest and hottest desert in the world. It would good to visit here because of the dunes and large exploration.

Red sea

The red sea a very nice sea that sits between africa and arabian peninsula. The red sea is also linked with the indian ocean. The red sea gets hotter in the summer. It is a long and narrow river. The red sea would be nice to visit because it is cool to explore it and it has cool or warm waters.

Congo River

The congo river is the largest river in the world. It is formed by waters of lualaba. The river also flows through zaire to the atlantic ocean. It is also Africa's largest source of hydraulic power. The congo river is also the second largest river and the deepest river in the world. It would be nice to visit this place and explore it.

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the 3rd largest ocean in the entire world. It extends from south asia to antarctica. The depth is about 11000 ft. It extends along most of ocean length.