Ross / Ellis Weekly Newsletter

September 11, 2015

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

What Will We Be Learning This Week?

The Leader in Me

This week we will be focusing on Habit 3: Put First Things First. Students will learn how to prioritize what is important and eliminate time wasters. We will also return to the importance of setting goals in order to do our best.


Our formal review of multiplication and division facts has ended. Students are expected to know these facts from memorization, as these skills will be utilized as we learn multi-digit multiplication, long division and other higher level skills in 4th grade. If your child continues to struggle with facts, please take the time at home to practice with flashcards or computer games. This is essential to higher level learning.

We will begin Unit 1 on Monday. Students will be creating and interpreting tables, solving combination problems, and writing/solving comparison problems. Students will be expected to solve and write word problems as they apply their knowledge of multiplication and division facts.

Please remember that Accelerated Math is an expectation in 4th grade. Students can work on AM during school and for homework. Please ask your child if he/she has mastered his/her goals for the week.


Students will learn about the ancient city of Pompeii and how it was destroyed thousands of years ago by Mount Vesuvius. We will discuss how this society was discovered and how the artifacts found tell us about the society of that time. Students will be learning about how the surface of the earth changes due to both rapid processes (in this case a volcano) and slow processes such as erosion and weathering.

Language Arts

We will finish reading Lewis and Clark and Me, a story about the Lewis and Clark expedition of the early 1800's told from the perspective of their dog, Seaman.

We will hopefully be starting our leveled reading groups either at the end of this week or beginning of next week. These are differentiated reading groups in which students will be reading books that are on their individual reading levels, as opposed to the novels and stories from the textbooks that we will read that are all pretty much on fourth grade level.

Students will continue to all do the same Words Their Way spelling list this week, just like we did last week. Once the students learn the WTW classroom and homework routines we will switch into differentiated lists, but we are not prepared for that at this point.

Students will also start having Words Their Way homework this week with a test on Friday. More info on the Words Their Way homework can be found at the link below:

Words Their Way Homework

Social Studies

We will not be completing an NC Studies Weekly this week so that we can continue to concentrate on our Words Their Way routines. I expect to resume NC Studies Weekly assignments next week.

Odds & Ends

Tennis Balls

We are still both in great need of tennis balls for our rooms! We have been attaching them to the bottoms of the chair legs to minimize the noise created when students transition between activities, but we still have many chairs to go. Each donated tennis ball will be worth 5 tickets that can be used towards homework passes, eating lunch with a friend from another room, and other fun prizes. Thank you for your help with this, and especially thank you to the children who have already donated!

Technology in the Classroom

We will begin using online educational resources such as Accelerated Math and Google Classroom in both Ms. Ellis' and Mr. Ross' classes. Please feel free to send in a tablet or laptop with your child to school on a daily basis, if one is available. If not, we do have devices and computers in our rooms for students to be able to access these online resources, but they will have to be shared.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, September 24th – Curriculum Night

Monday September 28th – GAF Kick-Off (travel cups and cookie dough)