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Week of 9.25.16

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Mission Statement

Northwood Elementary School will provide higher-level learning opportunities for all students to maximize their potential in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and diverse environment.
Northwood Building Calendar

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NBS Update from Mrs. Campbell

Parents, the NBS broadcast will be recorded. That means you, grandma, grandpa, brothers and sisters.....can watch at home. You can go to our Ustream channel and go to the recording for the day you wish to view at your convenience.

A password will be needed to access (Northwood1)​.

Any questions contact

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Halloween News

Dear Northwood Students and Families:

The time for the Northwood Halloween Parade is fast approaching. Our Halloween celebration will be on October 28th (a Friday and a half day). All classroom celebrations, student costumes, and our student parade, will all take place on the 28th.

This also means, and this is important and we need your help with this, that we will not be celebrating Halloween on October 31st. Most important to note with regards to this is that there will be no parties and no costumes allowed on October 31st, as we will have already had our school celebration.

The 31st will be a normal day of instruction at school, then the students will come home to an evening of Halloween fun!


The parade will be held at the school on Friday October 28, 2016 at 10:45 a.m. Parents will watch the parade in the cafe. Please park on side streets and try and carpool to avoid added congestion. You may not park in the drop off zone or bus pick-up area. At the end of the parade students will return to their classes and will be dismissed at 11:33 a.m. Yes, it is a half day. Only the volunteers approved for the event and working the classroom celebrations will return to the classrooms to assist students.

This event is one that we look forward to; however, the needs of all students must be kept in mind. What is appropriate for home may not be appropriate for school. All costumes should meet the following guidelines:

· No blood, violence, or gore

· No toy guns, knives, or other weapons

· No liquid or spray accessories

· Nothing overly scary (The “Scream” movie mask, Freddy vs. Jason etc.)

· No balloons

· No masks/face coverings

· No mean costumes (fat man, sumo, etc.).

· Costumes should be culturally sensitive.

Students are not to wear their costumes to school. Students are to bring costumes in a bag clearly marked with their name and teacher. Please make sure they come with their costumes as we do not have runners to run costumes dropped off throughout the day.

It is also a disruption to the learning environment. Students are encouraged to bring costumes that can be put on in the room without requiring the use of our limited bathroom facilities. Teachers will be having low-key celebrations in the morning. Times will be

determined by the classroom teacher taking into consideration building schedules. Due to our classroom size and full classrooms, we cannot accommodate all adults who may want to be in the building classrooms on this day. Teachers and room parents will work to

supply the office with a list of approved volunteers for this event. The number of volunteers varies by grade level. A treat will be available for the children in their classrooms. All planning will include making sure all items are nut and tree nut free. Do not send in candy and other treats. These items will be returned to you.

We respect the right of students to not participate in Halloween because of religious beliefs.

Thank you in advance for making the Halloween Parade a continued success.

Oakland County Visions Screening this week for grades 1, 3, and 5

Parking Lot

The police have been monitoring.

A few reminders:

Drive slowly.

Carefully backout.

Watch your children carefully near any vehicles.

Put down your phone. We want all your attention on the students and adults in the lot.

9.28.16 Late Start this Wednesday; Students will be picked up at their doors at 9:20; If you participate in Breakfast doors open at 8:55 am

Please keep the staff lot clear. Teachers may be returning from other buildings and need to get into the lot. Parents do not park or wait in the SOUTH lot. Signs are posted.

Latch Key is at the regular times.

Remind 101

I have started a new year and invite you all to join. If you joined previously the group has been discontinued. The new group is for the 16.17 school year.

What is it? A text reminder system. To participate in receiving text message reminders. You will not receive advertising messages and your phone number will remain private. You can choose to opt out at anytime by messaging 'stop' to the number below.

How do I join?

Simply text @nw16-17 to the number 81010.

I will check in later in the year with parents to see if it is a valuable tool. Thanks.

We need you: Looking for Lunch Monitors

Interested in making some extra money, working at school and helping kids? Please consider letting us know. Contact Mrs. Till for paperwork and information. Parents, guardians, grandparents, and college students can apply.


How do you use social media to keep informed about PTA?/ Remember to Volunteer!

Want the latest Northwood updates, events & links at your fingertips?
Please like their Facebook page or search for 'Northwood Elementary PTA'.

Remember to be a part of the PTA 3 for Me Program! About 65 forms have been turned in so far and we are looking for more of you to get involved. Even if you work you can volunteer! We would really like ALL parents involved in some way. Thank you for considering.

FAQ Look for new additions at the bottom of the list

1. How do I find out about Boy Scouts?

For More Information on Cub Scouts email: SCOUT1607@GMAIL.COM

2. Do I need to fill out a volunteer form every year?

No. You can be asked to complete a new one but usually they are good for all six years. You will need a new one at ROMS, UNLESS YOU DRIVE ON A FIELD TRIP. You will need to fill a new form out prior to every field trip if you drive.

3. My email address changed and I need to change it. How do I do this?

Go into the Parent Portal and change it.

4. When do I bring my school supplies?

You can bring them on the first day or during the first week.

5. I have a question or concern about the classroom. Who do I speak to?

It is best to go directly to the source. Please address concerns or questions with the teacher. If they are not resolved/answered please let me know.

6. How are birthdays celebrated?

Consistent with health and wellness goals, and cognizant of various student and staff allergies, Royal Oak elementary schools recognize student birthdays with non-food based celebrations. We do recognize birthdays as special days and will recognize a child’s birthday with individual recognition by the classroom teacher. Each teacher will inform you of the specific classroom birthday recognition practice. The students will also have their name announced on the morning announcements and receive a birthday pencil from the office. Please do NOT send food or beverages as birthday treats.

7. What can I pack for a classroom snack?

Healthy snacks can be sent in. All snacks must be nut and tree nut free. Students will be reminded that they should never share food at snack time and lunch. We have numerous allergies and would appreciate if you remind your child not to share food. Thank you.

Snacks with nuts or tree nuts will be returned to the locker along with snacks such as candy or cookies.

8. Girl Scouts

Sign-ups for Daisy Scouts are with Nora Mullin for troop 76359. I'm happy to direct older girls to the right person, too.

9. Do you have a lost and found?

Yes. It is on the stage in the cafeteria. We keep glasses, jewelry, phones in the office.

PLEASE label everything.