Citing Your Sources

Giving others credit for using their work and ideas.

Why You Need to Cite Sources

Any work some has created is protected by copyright laws. It does not matter what the item is or where it is published it is the creators property. As a student you are given special permission, called fair use, to use text, pictures, and other media to learn and create educational materials. Even with fair use you must give credit to the original creator by citing your sources.

So what if I don't cite my sources?

As a middle school student it is very unlikely you would face criminal charges for not citing your sources when doing your assignments, however, your teacher may make you redo your project or give you a failing grade. As you get into high grades you can be failed for the class or in college you may not be allowed to attend classes.

Even as a middle school student you are held accountable for breaking copyright law outside of school for such things as music and video piracy. It seems harmless, but it is stealing someone elses work.

Be informed and make the right choices

Use the following resources to help you use materials correctly in your projects and to know your rights about copyrighted materials.