Yellow Fever

By: Emy Flores

Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is found South America and Africa. Its transmitted by a infected mosquito, that then injects it on the victim making the victim have the virus. Its a hemorrhagic viral disease, symptoms usually are onset of fever, bradycardia, and headache; with jaundice and hemorrhaging occuring in severe cases. Its an envelope virus, contains three proteins, envelope (E) protein is the major component of the virion surface.


Located on the west and central Africa on the savanna zones. Sometimes found on jungle regions or Africa areas. Also can be found in South and Central America.


1. Invasion or Infection: Lasts 2-5 days, this is were you get a fever, temperature can reach to 102-104 degrees. Heart beat starts to speed and then starts to decrease, this symptom last for three days. Others include flushed face, injected eyes, nausea, vomiting, constipation, epigastric distress, headache, muscle pains (especially in the neck, back, and legs), severe prostration, restlessness, and irritability.

2. Remission: Your fever falls to a stage of crisis for the victim. This could last to hours a day for a big amount of time.

3. Intoxication: Where the fever and bradycardia recurs, last to 3-9 days. Following other symptoms like mucosal hemorrhages, petechiae and/or ecchymoses, renal dysfunction and scanty or absent urination, dehydration, apathy, confusion, and dullness.

The Victim's

Most of the victims come from Africa, yet on rare occasions it comes from Asia that affects a few then dies. They die because there is a medicine they take that actually makes some symptoms go away and make them not come back for a while.


10,000 DOLLARS

Really Dangerous!

Can damage Body real BAD!!!


There is no cure for yellow fever, doctors can only treat the symptoms. All they could do is help the symptoms and make them go away or not as bad.

Spreading it

It starts from a infected mosquito, It is spread by the bite of an infective Aedes aegypti mosquito. The mosquito injects the disease that then goes through your body affecting your body. Makes you sick and effects your cells one by one, then stops for a while then continues.