Welcome to Lineville

By: Hailey Swenson


Are you worried about Lineville? I will give you some more information about Lineville. First, you'll learn a lot about music. Then, a little about recess like what to play outside. Next, a few different things about the hallways here at Lineville. And finally, about how your school day will be like when you are at Lineville.


Did you know that you can choose what you want to study in music in Fifth grade? There is choir were you get to have fun when you sing. In band you get to play songs with drums or flutes. There also is orchestra where you play songs with violins, violas and cellos. I hope you pick the right one for you but it depends on your personality, and if you like to sing or play an instrument. It also depends if you want to do it for the rest of the year or not. Most people stick with the same thing because it just goes best with themselves. You might not know if you will like the other choices better or if you want to stay with the one you have. Either way, whatever you choose everyone will be proud of you because you chose the one that is best for you. Anyway, all the teachers are nice, so you'll have fun with whatever you choose.


  • Tether ball

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Tag

  • Bouncing a ball to a partner


  • 0-zone

  • Zero at lockers

  • Walk on right side

  • Only whisper on blue tape

  • No talking on red tape

School day

Do you want to know what your school day will be like? First, you will have a class but you don't learn, and it is called team time. Then you go to 1st hour, 2nd hour, and 3rd hour. These are the first three classes of the day. Then you have 4th hour which is a special like art, music, gym, technology or Spanish. After, you have lunch then you will have 5th hour, 6th hour and 7th hour. After that, you will have your 2nd special and also the last 8th hour, plus the day is almost over. Finally, you have 9th hour, which you will be trying to finish your homework or you will be doing Achieve 3000. And that is your day at Lineville.

Good Luck

Now Lineville isn't that scary any more now is it? I can't wait to see you next year in fifth grade but I will be in sixth grade though. Any way I hope to have you here at Lineville next year.
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