Municipal Courtroom

By: Elyssa, Rachel, Nicole, Carter, Justin, and Vijitha

The Jobs we witnessed.

  1. The United States Marshals Service is a professional, civil service unit of federal police, part of the system of marshals, made up of career law enforcement personnel rather than the appointed district marshals.

    They are also are in the room during hearing when the judge is present.

    We got to see a Marshall in action with us "All rise, the court room is now in session..." (Marshall)

    It was very cool to get to see how all of the people in our court house operate throughout the day. They were able to explain to us what Demeanors were and the type of levels there are. The consequences that go along with each one.

  2. We noticed the Judges Job. Judges apply the law to court cases and oversee the legal process in courts. They also resolve administrative disputes and facilitate negotiations between opposing parties. Most judges are employed in the various levels of government. Most work in courts, and the majority work full time. She was very informative. Especially when it came down to answering our questions. We could also tell that she was a very dedicated lady because of all the hard work that she does and people she has to deal with.

Our experience

We got to enter the Coppell Court house and sit in the actual court room. Which was very cool! The judge came in and the Marshall announced her arrival and said all rise court is now in session along with some other comments. It was cool to see what it really is like to be in court room during an actual hearing. Then judge explained her role in the Court system. She listens to the jury and goes to other Court houses in the area. Usually she deals with criminal cases not as much Civil cases. She the later explained what Demeanors were and the types there are. I can tell you right now that I do not want to go to court unless I am apart of the Jury.

We then saw a video about a high school that usually had people pass away from driving while texting or driving while drinking and one year they did not have one single person die. Which was a very eye opening Video to watch. We all signed a pledge stating we will not text and drive or drink and drive and we as a group stand by this agreement because we think it can wait.

"You guys can make a difference..."(Maria Hernandez)

That was very heart warming for our group.