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Physical Properties

  • atomic number- 13
  • atomic mass- 27
  • melting point- 660.37 degrees C
  • boiling point- 2467.0 degrees C
  • # of protons/electrons- 13
  • # of neutrons- 14
  • crystal structure- cubic
  • density- 2.702 g/cm^3
  • color- silver
  • electrical resistivity- 2.65

Chemical Properties

  • aluminum has a resistance to oxidation
  • aluminums electron configuration is [Ne] 3p^1
  • aluminum is created by using an electronic method (Electrolysis)

Where is it from?

- aluminum is never found free in nature, all of earths aluminum has combined with others elements to form compounds. About 8.2% of the earths crust is composed of aluminum. Where they first extracted it from the earth was Denmark.

Common compounds it forms.

  • Aluminum sulfate
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Aluminum nitrate
  • Aluminum trihydride


- Today, aluminum is used in a wide variety of ways, you can use aluminum to make cans, foils, and kitchen utensils. You can also use aluminum to make airplanes, rockets, and materials that require a strong but light material. It is used in electrical transmission lines because of its light weight. Can be used for a protective coating on mirrors and can be used to make rubies and sapphires for lasers.

Re activity

- aluminum is covered with a thin layer of oxide that helps protect the metal from attack by air. Aluminum will burn in oxygen with a brilliant white flame. Aluminum will dissolve with bases and acids.


  • 27Al which is stable
  • 26Al which is radioactive with half-life is 7.17*10^5 years.
  • Al is formed by cosmic-ray bombardment of argon in earths atmosphere.

Sales Pitch

Today I will be talking to you about Aluminum and why you should use this wonderful element for your company. You need to make these big planes to take flight into the air right? Well aluminum is the perfect thing for you to use because it is a light enough material to take flight! If you were to use steel or iron the plane would be way to heavy to fly, it would be strong enough to sustain a crash but aluminum is also a very strong substance that is able to hold its own. Aluminum is a one of a kind material that is very light but also very strong.

It is also very cheap, you will not need to spend as much money on aluminum then other materials. When flying airplanes I assume that it is important for the material to be able to bend a little bit while flying and while your taking off and landing. Aluminum is bendable! But not to the point of being to bendy. This material is perfect for what your company needs.

Whatever other material your considering doing I can guarantee will not work as good as this. Its not a heavy material, its a very strong material, and its bendable! Aluminum is used for many other things also like aluminum foil. But if you'd like to buy and use this material you wont be disappointed!