By: Kennedy Nolle


Lineville may seem pretty scary at first, but if you learn the basics you'll get through it. If you don't get any of these paragraphs watch the the videos. I'm going to start you off with lunch.


There are many things about Lineville lunch that are different than elementary. There are 3 different lunch choices. First is district which the whole district has the same thing, next is commons where it is the same every week(unless the schedule changes) and lastly is cold where you bring your own. Another thing is with this lunch we can have seconds, in commons, and you can only have 8 people to a table. Next is this thing called al a carte where you have to pay extra money to get things like:

  • cookies
  • pudding
  • bagels
  • chips
  • juice
  • water
  • snapple

Lastly when you walk down the hallway you turn left to go to district, and forward to go for commons and cold lunch. That is all you need to know about Lineville lunch.


In my opinion, lockers are one of the hardest things to start with as a 5th grader. You have to stay organized, do your locker com and you have to clean it out every Friday! That may seem overwhelming but don't worry it's actually fun (most of the time). If you still don't get this watch the video. The first thing you have to do when you open your locker is do the com, and I'm gonna teach you how. So first you have to have to turn it to the right at least 1 and then you do your first number. Next you go one time around to the left to your second number. They you go straight to your next number. That is how you do your locker com.


At lineville we have certain rules and if you don't follow them you get some consequences. I'm going to tell you about them. One of them is a minor. A minor can be caused by many different things. I'm gonna list a few:

  • Late homework
  • Talking back to your teacher
  • Technology violations
  • Being late to class
  • Disrespect

and even more! A minor isn't to bad but if you keep getting them it can turn into something serious. The next thing I will talk about is a noon. You usually get noons when you get a minor. A noon is a lunch detention, it is where you go to a certain classroom for lunch with others that got noons. You eat and do your homework and you can't talk. Now I will tell you about a major. Now if you get a major then that is very very VERY bad. With a major you can get banned from the inventive you're doing, you could go down to the principals AND you could get a call to your parents. These are some ways you can get a major:

  • Getting 3 minors for the reason thing
  • Bringing a weapon to school
  • Talking very bad at your teacher
  • Very bad IPad violations
  • Screaming in the hall
  • Bullying

There are probably more but I don't really know about majors cause honestly I haven't had a face to face talk about majors or any of this stuff. I got all my knowledge from assemblies and my teachers. The next bad thing is a MASH. This is like you brought a weapon to school bad. A mash is a mandatory after school detention. Not many people have it but if you do it is really bad. I don't know much about it but is is basically detention in lineville language. If you have three majors that's why you get one. That is all you need to know about lineville discipline and consequences. Hope you have a good year.


The hallways are very interesting and sometimes confusing at LV. We have twists and turns and tape and signs but to make this a lot easier I'm going to break it down for you. First the tape, during demo you might have seen this. It stands for how quiet you have to be. When it is blue you whisper, when it is red you can't talk at all and when it doesn't have tape you can talk at an inside voice. The signs aren't to bad. They just show you what is happening with the peer leader stuff and to be quiet in the zero zones (which is red tape). When you were in elementary you had to walk in a line to everything but at lineville you get so much independents. You don't walk in lines, you have 4 minutes between every class and you have lockers and are all by yourself. You walk the halls without a teacher and to me it's kind of nice. You and go to your locker or just go straight to your class. That is all you need to know about lineville hallways.


There are 3 music choices at lineville. You already know some this from demo day but I'm just expanding your perspective.


The first one is band. The Band teacher is named Mr. Zipper. They have concerts a lot and a lot of instruments. There is the trumpet, trombone, clarinet, baritone, bells, drums and flute. Band is a percussion and wind group.


Next is orchestra, which I'm in and I love. Orchestra is a string group and it has four different instruments. The violin, viola, cello and bass. The violin is the highest sounding instrument and the bass is the lowest. Our teacher is Mrs. Noack and she is the best teacher ever. She gives you help on things you need help with and hardly ever yells.


Last but not least is choir. Choir is taught by Mrs. Dolger. In choir you have to bring your iPad every day or you can get a minor so don't forget that. You sing popular and unpopular songs but it's fun to listen to. That's all you need to know about music. Have fun and good luck.


With these facts you should be able survive your first year of lineville. Have fun and good luck.
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