Black Death's return.

By Christina.C


The black death was a very history changing and mindblowing plague when it arrived. Whenever it left us back in the Middle Ages,we thought we were safe. We were wrong,even though we have a cure now it is still around now. Lets learn the facts behind it to help educate the ones who know nothing about it.

How many it killed in the time it lasted

According to the article "A Dark World" The Black Death killed about 1/3 or 1/2 of all of Europe's population. This all happened during what people call its long rampage.

How long it lasted

The Plague lasted for 5 years from 1348-1353. All of this was concluded from "Eye witness to history,Black Death". Seeing how much it killed in its short time being around back then shows exactly how devastating it was.

How scientists explain it now.

After it returned recently,the Black death has become easier to explain with all the new technology we have right now in this day and age. Just to think that it was caused by a flea or diseased rodents like rats. Also some were immune to the disease even after coming in to contact with someone who has the Black Death or the corpse of someone who died from the Black Death. All of this information came from "Mystery Black Death Background"

What it was first called

Even though we know it as the Black Death today it wasn't always called that. At first it was known as "The Great Mortality" or "The Pestilence". This comes from the same article as the first paragraph,"A Dark World."

How it effected the feudal system in the Middle Ages while it was around.

The plague greatly effected the feudal system back then. First thing is that it gave peasants an advantage when some of the higher ups died from it. What also helped the peasants gain an advantage was the recent invention of gun powder which couldn't seem more convenient now.