Friday Focus

November 13, 2015

Congratulations to us! We worked a whole 5 days in a row with students in the building everyday. I don't know about you, but when we have 2 "short" weeks in a row and then we have a full week of students, it feels really long.

We only have a few weeks until the semester is over. Take some time to look at all of the grades of your students and see where they stand. What can we do to help them pass? Have you called home yet? Make sure the parents are not surprised when grade cards come out. Let them know now their child needs to kick it into gear.

Also remember this is the first semester for a freshman to find out what credits in high school mean. Until now, they have been able to fail a class here and there and still move up the ladder towards HS. If they fail a class period now, they have to take it over and over until it is done correctly. Help them understand this is for real and if they don't like taking the course the first time, it is really not fun as an upperclassmen with new freshmen.

When I was teaching in the classroom, I always had the philosophy that the kids failing my class were not the ones I really wanted to spend another year with to take the course a second time. It was way more work on me for a few weeks, but it was better than having to go through it all over from the beginning with them again. My trick was to figure out what missing assignment in the grade book or retest would help them the most and start there, because then they felt like if they actually did a few things they could get their D and get out of there.

The fall college breaks are upon us. If you have former students wanting to visit you (including your own children), please remind them of the visitors policy. We are very busy here and the current students deserve our attention. Some teachers may have a former student come back and help with a class project or teach a lesson. If you need that exception, please notify the office you have a scheduled visitor and then meet them at the office and escort them. I know those people still love us, but they need to come at the end of the day to see us to catch up.