Stephen F. Austin

Spencer Reints

Early Life

When Stephen was 11 years of age his father, Moses Austin, opened a general. store that he would manage after he was out of school. His father sent to bacon acadamy where he recieved a good education. After he got out of school at the age of 18 he first went to work with his father in the general store.

Why He is Important

He was the greatest empresario. Because of this he became known as The Father Of Texas. He brought the old 300 to Texas.


1. He became known as the father of Texas.                                                                                                                                            2.He was the one who led the old 300 into Texas.                                                                        3. He was the first empresario to legally bring families to Texas.                                           4.He Developed his own colony.                                                   

The Old 300

The old 300 are the families that Stephen F. Austin brought over from the United States. These families were the first ones to be brought over legaly. These people were required to change their religion and become a mexican citizen. They wanted you to change their religion although this law was no strongly enforced. However it was manditory to become a mexican citizen.