K-2 Wing Newsletter

December 14-18, 2015


Thank you for all of your hard work last week in preparing for our visits. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to our scholars.


Remember, it is the expectation that you log onto SLDS every day. The teacher from each grade band with the most hits on SLDS every week, will receive a reward. Some of you did not log on at all last week. This is not acceptable. The number of hits on SLDS is connected to our CCRPI score IF AND ONLY IF every teacher gets at least 500 clicks. The school will earn 3 bonus points if we achieve this goal. Please help us get these bonus points! There are a lot of great resources to access on SLDS as well as GOFAR. Use them. :) Second grade, you should be incorporating practice constructed response questions in every content area every week (at least once a week). GOFAR is a great resource for finding these questions. If you are unable to access SLDS, please let me know.

Interim Exams

This week interim exams in reading and math are to be completed. Please begin Monday to ensure you have enough time to complete the testing as well as score the interview piece and/or the short answer responses. Ms. Jack will not be pulling students for ILP. She will be helping teachers with the interview portion of the interim.

Planning Schedule this Week

Monday: Plan on your own

Tuesday: Professional development about the SST process

Wednesday: Plan on your own

Thursday: No formal meeting, however, please upload your data trackers to your TKES platform. Also, since I will be on a field trip, email me 3 take aways from Chapter 2 (Engaging Children with Poverty in Mind).

Friday: Plan on your own

Important Dates to Remember

Dec. 14-18: Administer Interim Assessments

Dec. 16: Kindergarten Field Trip to the GA Aquarium

Dec. 17: 1st Grade Field Trip to the Fernbank Museum

Dec. 18: Critical Day; All teachers eat lunch with their scholars


This newsletter serves in lieu of our Monday team meeting. Please sign your name on the list outside of my office door stating you have read the information provided. Thanks!
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