Teen Internet Safety Tips

By: Tony Tran, Mario Villanueva, Wiley Robinson

Internet Safety Tips

Many people now surf the web. However, they also need to be wary of the many dangers on the internet. But, there are also many tips to help you avoid these dangers. Some tips are keeping your online identity secret, such as not revealing your real name and address; or not telling anyone about your username or password, as to not breach more important information for you. Some other important tips include not posting revealing pictures, rude comments, or illegal activities, generally keeping a good demeanor online, or using caution when meeting people online. You must also consider your parents' responsibility for you as a minor. Finally, some extra words of caution are to know that everything on the internet is traceable, knowing that information can be sold, and knowing how to report illegal activity.

Extra Words of Caution

More Tips

Some more words of aid while surfing the internet is to remember many informative tips. Some of which include knowing that people live in "Fantasyland" online, ignoring nude photos and sex sites, and knowing not to post any sort of pictures of yourself on the internet.

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