News and Info Volume 1

I am so excited to be a part of least half of the time! :)

I plan to send out regular updates - and hope to use different media - hoping that you may find one you like to use yourself for sharing information with parents and students, or to have students demonstrate their learning!

This one, Smore, is really user friendly and pretty cool for free!

Below, you will see several professional learning opportunities that are coming up for the first quarter.

New Resources for the 2015-16 School Year

VBCPS is providing new resources...


Defined STEM

I am here to help! Some of you have already asked for training on some of this. We will set up a time ASAP!

There is also a focus on developing inquiry skills and using Digital Process Logs. More info on that to come soon!

Accessing our New Digital Resources

The Department of Teaching and Learning, in collaboration with the Department of Technology, has created a page in SharePoint for K-12 students and teachers to access all online textbooks for core content areas, as well as division supported digital resources (including Achieve 3000 and Defined STEM).

Students and teachers may access the page via student portal both in school and at home using their VBCPS network IDs and passwords. Once in student portal, the resource page is accessible via a link titled Online Textbooks and Resources. As such, students will be able to access most digital resources through a single sign-on process, eliminating the need for a username and password for each resource. Textbooks and resources that do not have a single sign-on process have been added to the SharePoint page with a link to the resource’s login page where students will enter their usernames and passwords for that resource. For these resources, content coordinators in the Department of Teaching and Learning will continue to communicate login procedures with teachers as needed.

This digital resource page in SharePoint will be updated frequently as more resources become available to students and teachers through the single sign-on process.

Below is a quick link for direct access to the Online Textbook and Resources page, and attached are screen shots of how to access the site in SharePoint.

How can I help you?

Have an idea or something you want to learn more about? Let me know! If I don't have the info you need - I can find it!

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