Lead poisoning

By Kenny Patten


Lead poisoning is a disease that affects nearly every system in the body.

Systmes Efected

Lead poisoning mainly effects the brain but effects all systems. it effects growth of the body.

lead poisoning slows learning, increases risk of liver failure, and effect muscle growth.

Target Population

Young children and babies living in houses built before 1960 that haven't had the lead paint removed.

Onset of Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning arises from environmental issues. Lead in the water, paint, and lead in dust.
Lead Poisoning


You need to have your blood tested so the doctor can determine the level of lead in your blood system.

Signs and Symtoms

Symptoms are behavioral issues, learning disabilities, and motor skill deficits.


Lead poisoning is treated with medication to speed the exit of lead from the body


many people survive lead poisoning but it can kill you


when i was younger i had high lead levels in my blood

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