President's Post

December 2018

I’m writing this President’s Post while sitting in my car with Pastor Danese. We have been out in the conference working on some local church issues. After the meeting is over today, we are heading down to BASS Memorial Academy for our Board of Education meeting and BASS Academy Board. Brian and I are blessed to be working together on this day. We took care of several issues while driving and had our own ADCOM continually while riding together.

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We end another year. I’d like to challenge you with a thought that the Lord has placed on my heart this month. The urgency that is in my bones regarding the return of Christ is peaking. There are signs upon signs of the deterioration of our country and the planet. I believe that before we destroy ourselves Christ will intervene in the affairs of men and return. I’m not a date setter and never have been. I’ve read the caution statements that Mrs. White has shared with us regarding date setting. So, I’ve prayed privately and decided that I’m not going to concern myself with when Christ returns any more. Even though I want to be ready every day. My concern has shifted from when to Who. Who is this Jesus we are begging to return? Who is He concerned with before He comes back? Am I letting people know that Jesus forgives sin and restores us one by one on a daily basis? Am I sharing that no one with breath in their lungs has drifted too far away from the love of Jesus? Do you see that “Who” is coming is primary and the “when” will take care of itself? I’m excited I heard this significant change.

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We held our first Town Hall Online the end of November. We gave reports and shared how things are developing half way through our quinquennium. In two and a half years we will convene at Alabama State University in Montgomery AL. We covered several issues in our Town Hall. One in particular is of extreme importance, please view Martin Fancher’s report online on our website at or in the link below.

Martin Fancher, Town Hall Report

Town Hall - Executive Secretary Report

Elders and Deacons Retreat

Elders and Deacons Retreat was a success. Our guest speaker Pastor David Klinedinst was exceptional. He instructed all of us in personal evangelism that leads to taking risks in sharing our faith. Teri Spracklen with her family and others, did an outstanding job feeding all of us and generally just took good care of us.

We are just about finished with our Pastoral visits this quarter. Our meetings with the pastors have been great. Their plans are looking good and we have encouraged them to share them with their church boards. Once voted at church board; now, there is a direction that everybody can clearly see and agree with. We feel getting on the same page is something God would have us to do.

We’ve got some movement within our conference with some pastoral placements. This month we went to Grace Fellowship, Guntersville and Rainsville to hold a meet and greet. I enjoyed my time with everyone.

Mid-month I’m speaking at BASS Academy for vespers on Friday night. I look forward to having that opportunity to encourage the students and staff. I leave there to be with Cody Road in Mobile on Sabbath morning. It’s a blessing to be able to preach God’s Word in these places.

This month several members of our conference will be leaving on a 10-day mission trip to Cuba. Please remember them in your prayers. Leading that endeavor is Michel Rodriquez and Martin Fancher. Bringing Jesus to Cuba is a terrific opportunity. We wish them safety and all of our prayers to win many souls for Jesus.

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I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. With this President’s Post I send you all my prayers and love for a wonderful and amazing year ahead of us.

Until next year,


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President's Office

The President guides the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church here at the Gulf States Conference Office in Montgomery, Alabama. He serves on various organization boards operated by the church, and lends leadership to mission, evangelism, educational, and humanitarian strategies.
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