The Golden Age of China

Max, Jack and Krishan

Emperor Taizong

This is the most glistening age of the Chinese culture. Emperor Taizong started this Chinese revolution. First of all, he was the epitome of success and versatility. He had many great military strategies. He was known for his military talents and brought the Tang dynasty to many great victories. When he grew old he had trouble selecting a successor. He finally decided on Li Zhi. He was one of the Chinese great and will be remembered for his great military strategy.

Tang Dynasty

Tang dynasty (AD 618–907) The Tang dynasty was founded by Emperor Gaozu on 18 June 618. It was a golden age of Chinese civilization with significant developments in art, literature, particularly poetry, and technology. Also, the Tang Dynasty was ruled by many families, from the Li family to Emperor Taizong.

History Repeating

As we all know, history repeats itself. This is proven once again with the Tang dynasty. It mirrored the rise of the Han dynasty, almost 800 years earlier. Just like the Han Dynasty, The Tang Dynasty created a ruthless chain of rulers. Once again, we see that history repeats itself...

Golden Age Achievements

Tang and Song China developed rich culture, they had many great artists, these artists excelled in the style of "Simple strokes and lines." The Song were interested in painting Chinese Landscape, the Daoist painters wanted to capture spiritual essence of the land.

Another culture they excelled in was Architecture and porcelain. It was inspired by Buddhist architecture. The Indian stupa inspired the Chinese with the design where the ears curve up. Writing in the golden age was often painted, and they used to write philosophy, religion, and narratives. Poetry was expected to be perfected.

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One way geography played a role, is painting was a major cultural aspect of Golden Age. It is debatable that it is the most important piece of culture even over literature. And the Song mostly painted the landscape, they thought it was beautiful, and wanted to capture its spirits.
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Golden Age of China- Status of women

Women were treated with more respect in the Tang and Song dynasty. They were in charge of managing servants and the family finances. Although women were treated much better, men were still more important to them. When women we just young girls they would have to do something called foot binding. This was originally only meant for high class women, but later spread to almost all women in every class. Foot binding was something you do to make you feet smaller. It stopped your feet from growing so they were only about three to four inches long. During this time it was considered a sign of beauty, and it was the only way a woman to someone who was rich. To do this women had to tie back their feet. This process was extremely painful, and was really common. Because it was so painful, women could not walk without help for a while and stayed in the house most of the day. This is why it was thought that women should stay in the house. It was mostly women that lived on farms who didn’t have to do foot binding because it would be hard to walk in fields with feet like that.