Human Modification of the Ocean

by Ivy Phillips


Runoff is the rain water that runs over our roads and streets flowing into our drains and eventually landing in the ocean polluting the water with litter, trash, and oil.

Artificial Reefs

An artificial reef is a man made, underwater structure, built to promote marine life.

Artificial reef example:

Figures are seen in underwater sculpture installation "The Silent Evolution" by British artist Jason de Caires Taylor between Cancun and Isla Mujeres December 11, 2010. The artist used life casts made from materials that encourage coral growth to build the installation on the sea bed off the coast.

Oil Spills

An oil spill is when oil is released into the ocean or coastal waters causing devastation.

Oil spill example:

In November 1988, the American oil tanker Odyssey split in two 700 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia. The tanker spewed about 132,000 tons of oil in the ocean and caught fire as it sank, setting the spill aflame. Because of hazardous weather conditions, the Canadian Coast Guard could not immediately reach the spill.