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News for the Week of March 11, 2013

Good Luck on Finals & Happy Spring Break!

Spring's Coming: Celebrating Growth All Around!

Fellow Transfer Students,

I just had the pleasure of meeting about another dozen or so new transfer students at a Spring welcome event. It is always such a joy to meet new students and I am always amazed at the discoveries that I come across at these events. It is a good reminder for me to hear the presentations about the values and mission of this university, especially because I see those words being put into action every day on campus.

I see people branching out and testing new experiences, whether it is a new book or a flavor of coffee that they have never tried before. I am a firm believer that we learn by exploring, by stepping a bit beyond our comfort zones, by just being open to the wonders around us. I also see the grounds staff doing their magic and coaxing and nurturing the new life in the plants all around the campus.

Is there a theme here or a message; perhaps just this – spring is coming and this is a time of renewal and new growth; of both people and nature beginning to bloom and burst forth. Let’s all be gentle to each other and savor the beauty and wonder that surrounds us all.

Jaime Yslas

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Tuesday, March 12th | 3-3:30pm | Career Services Office Room 110H

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"Cracking the Codes: Systems of Racial Inequity" Premiere Film Screening and Community Conversation

Wednesday, March 13th | 6:30-9pm | Campion Ballroom

This event is a community film screening and conversatopn that is part of a multi-city tour of the new documentary film "Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity." The documentary, which asks America to talk about the causes and consequences of systemic inequity, includes moving personal accounts that illuminate the system that perpetuates structural inequity.