BY Christopher Schmit

Uses of tractors

Some may just think that a tractor can only transfer materials from one place to another but this idea is wrong. Different attachments can be placed to farm tractors which make it even more efficient in an agricultural field. There are a lot of ways where a farmer can make use of the tractor that he must have knowledge of so that there is no need to purchase other machines which a tractor can perform the work by itself.

Some of the different uses of tractor is agriculture it has provided food for many years, for there family and other people around the world to. What if there were not tractors, we all would be planting manually by had each crop that you have. For many of the tractors, they all have attachments that you can buy or that come with them like front end loader, backhoe, deck plows and ex.


The First steam tractor made was in 1769. Over the years James Watt had improved the steam engines by transformed previously designed steam engines. The steam engines barely changed for about 50 years. “James Watt’s said that into a source of power that transformed the world of work, and was the key innovation that brought forth the Industrial revolution.(1)” James Watt was qualified to be an inventor for the steam engine. It is very important that the steam engines was invented, many people underestimated the tractor but what happened back then made the tractors of today.

Types Of Tractors

Compact utility tractor- it’s a small model of the bigger tractors, it is used for agricultural work, it is manly used for landscaping and land management. You cannot use it for planting as well as harvesting to. Utility Tractors - are small enough to handle both farming and landscaping tasks but they have a bigger engines than compact utility tractor. It is often used for dairy and hay operations. Garden tractors- most garden tractors are normally built strongly and the axels, frames, and transmissions to. The can be used for cutting grass, pushing snow/ blowing it to, and can be used for a pulling tractor to.