Spartan Times

This is Spartan Territory! September 2020 Issue I

Message from our Principal Scruggs Smith

We are truly in a different time in education, where we as a Spartan community are making history in the way that teaching and learning must take place during COVID-19. However, what has not changed is our resiliency and commitment to being positive, purposeful, and productive while in pursuit of meeting the A - G requirements needed to get a high school diploma in preparation for college and career readiness. I am grateful to all of our students who have shown up consistently ready to seize the opportunity to strengthen their academic confidence! Thank you parents/guardians for reviewing the Distance Learning Matrix and having a conversation with your students about the responsibility that comes with online learning and technology. I would like to give a huge shout out to all of the amazing parents that attended the first Coffee with the Principal meeting that was held Friday, September 2, 2020! This meeting was a wonderful opportunity to share information about upcoming events, answer questions, as well as share a laugh with members of our Spartan family. The tremendous collective work that our students, parents/guardians, and Emery staff are currently doing will set the foundation for achievement. The future of our world is seated in our virtual classrooms being led by great educators. In conclusion, all that we are doing to empower our students can be summed up with the following Malcom X quote, "Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." #TogetherWeAreSpartanStrong

College Corner

Hello Students and Parents,

Welcome to the 20-21 school year. While we are all coping with unprecedented circumstances we will do our best to move forward and achieve our goals.

College trips have become a staple student experience at Emery HS. While we are unable to visit Colleges and Universities in person at this time, we will continue to expose our students to higher education through virtual tours.

We are also happy to welcome back our college advisor Bianca Herrera from the DCAC/EAOP program who will be working with our students to prepare them for college readiness.

While a fair amount of attention is given to the senior class during the months of Oct and November to prepare them for graduation and college, we will still offer enrichment programs and activities for the rest of our student body. I am working behind the scenes on several projects/events for students and will send this information out to students and parents as they become solidified. As a reminder, please check your emails as communication through this platform has increased.

All the Best,

Mr. McIntosh

  • Parent Meeting (Oct 5th)
  • SAT (Seniors) (Oct 14th)
  • UC Berkeley Virtual Visit (Oct 16th)
  • Cash for College Workshop (Seniors) (Oct 30th)

Upcoming Events...

  • Picture Day Sept 23/24 3:00-5:30
  • Spartan Club Sign Ups September 21-25
  • Custodian Appreciation Day October 2
  • Coffee with the Principal via Zoom Oct 2
  • Spirit Week Oct 26-30

*Super Spartans*

Did You Know?

  • One quarter of your bones are in your feet.
  • Clearing an unexcused absence is as easy as sending an email to Ms. Duana ( or call the EHS Office at 510-601-4998 and leave a message (please provide students name, date of absence, and reason)
  • Not only does everyone have unique fingerprints, humans also have unique tounge-prints!
  • September 15 to October 15 is when we celebrate Latino Heritage Month! It is a time to recognize the contributions and influence of our Latinx ancestors. It was started as a week long celebration by Congress in 1968 and was expanded to a month long celebration in 1988. The celebration coincides with several Latin American countries national independence days (Belize, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, & Nicaragua).

Wear a Mask. Save Lives.

Clean and disinfect frequently.

Wear a face cover.

Wash your hands.

Keep a safe distance.