Happy Monday!

August 31, 2015

first day intro by mrs. brubaker


As the first 8 days of classes are now behind us and the dust is settling on the new school year, I realized I didn't release the 'first day' video of Mrs. Brubaker's discussion with the high school campus students before classes began.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the video button pressed in time to catch her proclamation of her mission as Superintendent . . . 'to make Aquin an Academic Powerhouse' . . . 'to have Aquin recognized first for Academics and then for Athletics'.

Thankfully I was able to record the rest and I have condensed the highlights here (including a very thorough explanation of 'Guided Goals'). Be sure to watch the video linked above and you will see the passion and love Mrs. Brubaker carries into her 'superintendency' for Aquin and our beloved Bulldogs.

(if the link above doesn't work, here's the direct link: https://youtu.be/AZIunDOec5k)

Speaking of Athletics . . .

Here's the week ahead on the courts, fields and courses . . .


  • 7-8th VBall v. Stockton . 5:30
  • 5-6th VBall at Pearl City . 6:00


  • Golf v. West Carroll . 4:00
  • HS VBall v. Keith Country Day . 6:00
  • 7-8th VBall v. Pearl City . 5:30
  • 7-8th FBall at Sterling Newman . 5:30


  • HS VBall v. Warren . 5:00
  • 5-6th VBall v. Orangeville . 6:00


  • Golf v. Dakota . 4:00


  • HS VBall at Oregon Tourney . 4:30
  • HS FBall at Milledgeville


  • HS VBall at Oregon Tourney . TBA
  • Golf at Dammann-Wolfe Invitational . TBA
  • 5-6th FBall v. AFC . 10:00

Dress-Up Day Sweater Order

We have enough sweaters on order now to place our first order. If you are interested in a sweater, please let me know today and I'll include it on the order. Otherwise, we'll be putting a second order in soon and you can order then. Sweaters are $30.

From the Cafeteria . . .

Disappearing silverware is still an issue this year. Last year, both campuses saw Beltline's supply and Aquin's supply of silverware dwindle quickly to nearly nothing. Deb of Beltline has just restocked the supply at the high school campus. The students have been informed to be much more cautious with their eating utensils so this year's supply gets them through the year.

We are blessed to have Beltline provide our food service at very reasonable prices. We don't want the expense of silverware to increase the cost of lunch.

Miles and Minutes Last Chance!

The time period for performing active minutes is now over, but you have until September 13 to log your active minutes. Click here to log your activities and help Aquin win thousands of dollars!