World War 2

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World war 2 was a big part of Canadian history. World war 2 was a war that had taken place in 1939 to 1945. It had started by a man named Adolf Hitler that had fought for Germany to fight against Poland to get their land back.

What events changed the heritage of Canada?

Some event's that changed the Canadian heritage is world war 2 because Canada has a multicultural land so that any cultural people can come to Canada. Before world war 2, Canada was affected because at the time Christians didn't like other cultural heritages to come to Canada, but some Christians were not like that because they like being around other heritages.

How was Canada affected by world war 2?

Canada was affected because 42,000 people died because of gun shot's and a deadly bomb in Quebec that had killed over 9000 people. Canada also became in independent country and had a shortage of sugar, rubber, and silk. First of all it was Canada's first war entered upon their choice.

How many people were killed or hurt in WW2?

60 000 000 people died in total in World war 2. About 20,000,000 people injured in total,

8,000,000 were wounded.

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