Faculty & Staff Notes


Let me see your alligator. What's that you say?

It is here . . . your first Friday no-name message. I'm still waiting for something creative to drop from the sky. Obviously, the cheer from the 1980's won't be the name, but I had to put something in that space. Yes, . . . it really was a cheer . . . just like, "boom chicka rocka chicka rocka chicka boom."

Please join me in welcoming Anita Sanchez to Dove Elementary. She has been hired as a special education teacher for this semester and will be working with students in 2nd grade as well as a K & 1st. Please go out of your way to welcome her and introduce yourself.

With the addition of a new staff member, we are looking at schedules to make some adjustments. We hope to have everything in place earlier than the end of next week, but I'm going to leave next Friday as our final "settle in" date to give us time to make adjustments on the adjustments . . . it happens sometimes. :)

Keep fingers crossed that the weather goes as predicted for the long weekend so we can all enjoy a few days of sunshine!

Proud to be your principal,

Cindy Galloway

WHO, what, when, where





    • Team Leader Meeting: Leaders Eat Last / Grading / Instructional Materials / Tutors
    • CG/JT: District Meeting, 4:15 @ PDEC
    • DES shirts - not a jeans day


    • CG: District Meeting - Morning School Visits & Afternoon Meeting @ PDEC


    • PTA Meeting: 2nd Grade Performance @ 6:45


    • Jeans :)

    Monday, 1/26:

    • CG/TK: District Meeting @ Admin. Building (Alamo)
    • JT: District Meeting @ PDEC