Perry Smith- WANTED

Attention! Murderer of the Clutter family! Attention!

Physical Description-

A weight lifters body- strong arms, thick body, huge muscles(page 15)

Very short- short legs, looks bigger when sitting down, don't be fooled(page 15)

Several tattoos- very intricate, right bicep has Cookie tattooed on it, blue tiger on left bicep, snake and skulls(page 20)

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As a kid he was always very serious. Lived in the country and by the golden rule. His father taught him how to do many things, became a jack of all trades. Smith had many siblings, each one of them was very honest and came forth when they did something wrong. However, his mother turned out to be a drunk and left.(page 78) His mom took all the kids with her and turned all but Perry against their father. Perry began to get in trouble, his mother would mistreat him, she sent him to an orphanage where he would be abused. He moved back in with his father and they began to travel and live in a "house car". He would eventually join the Marines.(page 79). After the war he would get himself into some trouble and end up in jail, many hoped this would be a learning experience and the last time he went. (page 80)

Past Crimes Committed

Broke into a shop in Phillisburg, Chandler Sales Company with help from Smith. Both were arrested and eventually broke out of jail. After breaking out they stole a car and drove to Nebraska.(page 85). Arrested a couple years later for the jail escape, put on the FBI Wanted List multiple times.(page 85)
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Wanted for the murder of the Clutter family

All four members were killed by a shotgun at close range, however; killed in different places throughout the house(page 62). Each member had been tied up in an intricate fashion. Herb seemed to be tortured the most, there was a bloody footprint on the mattress where he died.(page 65) Robbery has been ruled out as a motive since nothing was taken(page 63). The murder was very bloody and brutal, had a major effect on the town.