Photoshop CS6: All about it

By Rushil Balkundi

What is Photoshop

Photoshop, or Adobe Photoshop, is a graphics editing software used by designers and photo editors. Photoshop comes in two versions (latest). They are CS6 and Extended.

Things I made with Photoshop

All these images I made were intended to be funny

Things you can make with Photoshop

There many things you can make with Photoshop. From logos to removing blemishes, and even making your own. You can make transparent texts, manipulate pictures, add web interfaces, and many, many more.

How to work with Photoshop

The Toolbar

The toolbar has all the available resources. The most common type of tools I use are the select tool and the text tool. I sometimes like to use the foreground/background tool for when I make my logos. The gradient tool is also a very nice tool to customize your backgrounds and make more colors.

Layer Bar

The layer bar is like the layer bar in Flash. You can add and delete many layers as you possibly want. Although it may be a little complicated at first, you will get the hang of it

How to Work with Layers

Working with layers is quite simple, if you follow these steps.
  1. Once you have your background image, find the page turning in the bottom right corner. It is beside the trash can and the file folder. That will make a new layer.
  2. Once you have a new layer, go to File and click Open
  3. Choose the image you want to use
  4. Now, it takes you to an entirely different tab, but don't freak out. This is one part into adding images in layers.
  5. Modify the image to your specifications, if needed
  6. Now since you modified your image, click the Rectangular Marquee Tool
  7. Highlight the image
  8. Copy the image (Control+C is the best way)
  9. Now go back to the original background image, and paste the image using Control+V
  10. And that is it. That is how to put images in layers. Now that you know, you can images look even better with this skill

My Experiences

I learned a lot in Photoshop. I did a lot of experiments for practice, and it was really easy to master. I used a lot of tools in the software. For instance, I used the crop tool, the gradient tool, the rectangular marquee tool, and the text tool. I learned a lot more than I expected I would learn.


After my experiences, I would most definitely recommend this product. I had a lot of fun using this software, and I'm pretty sure you will too.