Simon Birch

By:Hailey Delbow


Simon Birch is a hero. Simon wants to believe that everything happens for a reason. Simon believes he was put on earth because he has a duty to accomplish. Simon sacrifices life to save someone easels. Simon says" I need you to tell me that there is a reason for everything that happens" (Simon Birch). But know one believes in him.

Simon's Character

Simon wasn't supposed to back it though the night but he did he was a miracle baby. Simon is very short and he loves to play baseball. Simon is also very self confident he gets bullied a lot but he still holds his head high and ignores them. Simon has a very happy and joyful personality. Simon is very funny just the stuff he says is hilarious and his best friend Joe thinks so to funny. Simon also has an emotional side he feels like girls don't like him because he is short in the movie he compares himself to a baby turtle.
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The crash

On there way back from camp the bus swerved to avoid hitting a deer and they couldn't stop. They end ended up in a lake. A lot of children couldn't swim. But Simon was there helping them get out and one by one they got out. So Simon ended up being a hero after all and they we missing some one and Simon went back to go get them and then Joe went after him. They got the little boy out but Simon was trapped the buss went under the water. They Found Simon and carried him to shore. Joe ended up in the hospitable so was Simon. At the end Simon did pass away and Joe was very upset but every one thought Simon was a hero and that's all Simon ever wanted.
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Simon went to church and he stood up and said what does coffee and donuts have to do with god. The priest found it very disrespectful and told Joe that Simon was not normal. All the adults at church are very rude to Simon. They put him in this until he would apologize but he wouldn't so then Joe's mom went in there to go get them. Joe's mom is really nice to Simon.


Simon finally gets his big chance. Everyone is yelling at him to swing and when he does he hits it hard. But when the ball fly's out of the air it hits Joe's mom Rebecca in the head and she dies. Simon was so upset he was saying he was sorry but know one listen. Then Simon gave his baseball cards to Joe and those were his favorite thing in the world. After that happened Joe wanted to no who his dad was. He was talking to Mr.Baker and he though that maybe that was his dad. Joe and Simon were in his office and found a ball but it wasn't the right ball he throe it though the window. The janitor herd and called the cops and they went to the station. They didn't get arrested but they do have to do community serves.
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