The American Revolution

Gabrielle Richardson | Block 3 | October 15, 2015


Boston Tea Party

Recently colonists have banded together to defy these ridiculous taxes. Late at night they disguised themselves as Indians and threw boxes of tea into the harbor. Now is the time to stand against the tea act! Why should we pay these taxes? All they want is our money. They do not care how they get the money nor the state losing this money will leave us in. We cannot let this happen.

Proclamation of 1763

After the French and Indian War, everyone was a little tense. We had been expanding on Indian land too much. Well, this proclamation will surely fix that. We are now prohibited to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains. Hopefully, this will create less tension between us all.

Boston Massacre

On March 5, 1770 something horrible happened. Soldiers opened fire on civilians. Crispus Attucks was the first to die. There were a total of five deaths that day. We can not sit here and allow Britain to treat us like this! We must seek revenge for our fallen brothers.

Intolerable Acts

Britain needs to be stopped. Boston is now being held under military rule. They can not trade. All of this to punish us for antagonizing the troops the day of the massacre. We can not be held down for standing up for ourselves. We must fight.

Battle of Saratoga

This is it, the turning point. Since we have shown our strength and claimed victory over this battle, the French will ally with us. In return, we will give them Canada and land west of the mountains. With the help of the French we can win this war. Do not lose hope.

Battle of Yorktown

Surely we have won this war now. With the help of the French we have blocked in the enemy. With nowhere to go, Cornwallis surrenders. We have done it, we won. Now we are free, no longer under control of Britain.


Thomas Jefferson

This man is responsible for the document declaring our freedom. Influenced by Locke and Paine he wrote a long declaration to the King explaining why we are separating. If it wasn't for him we might not be free.

John Locke

This man provided the base for our natural rights and self government. He believed we were free and equal. As well as the right to life, liberty, and the right to own property. Locke also believed that if a government was not protecting citizens rights they had all the power to start a new government. Which is what we have just done, we are finally free.