Snowy Owls

By: Silvio Crumble

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Owls like in many places such as mountains. Most of the owl habitats are nests or in tree logs. tundra, meadows, marshes, dunes; during nesting season, lives on the tundra. Northern part of America, has nests on the ground
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Snowy Owls can fly most of the time witch helps them find pray, also they can walk on land so they can sneak up to their pray for help their kids, snowy owls have little open pads on their wings so they can get no turbulence and be vary quiet when flying. That means that if quiet was loud then they would be the loudest bird on the planet.

Body Covering

When Snowy Owls are baby's they don't have their flying feathers so they have fur for warmth and camouflage, but when they turn into an adult they get white and black feathers. this also tells you if they are male or female, the female have dark ends on their feathers and males have a lighter black on the ends of their feathers.


Snowy owls Eat a wide section of animals such as Lemming, voles, rabbits, hares, birds, wild fowl, occasionally fish, and insects. it sneaks up on its pray and will stalk it until its the right moment then they go in for the kill, after they have killed the animal they do what they can to stay away from other predators.
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The Snowy Owl is sexual not asexual. which means that their need to be two of them to make to make the most adorable thing ever. it depends
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