New Body, New Life transformation

Week 4 Newsletter

Welcome to your week 4 newsletter!

Can you believe we are nearly a 3rd of the way there?

Now is a really good time to refocus and set some mini goals for the next 4 weeks.

You will be feeling fitter and stronger now and you may need to step your goals up a level.

Remember if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you! Don't forget to update your vision board too, this is such a fantastic tool to achieving your goals.

Portion sizes!

Not only do we need reminding of our goals now and then but also our portion sizes. Unless you are weighing and counting calories of your foods our portion sizes can easily get away from us. And lets face it, who really has the time to count all our calories and weigh and measure everything you eat........Here's a simple trick to help you keep your portions correct and all you need is your hands! For example a serving of vegetables (non starchy) = 2 hands, a serving of carbohydrates (this includes starchy vegetables)= 1 fist, a serving of protein = palm size, a serve of fruit = 1 fist and a serve of fats = 1 thumb
This is a basic guide but a simple tool to work out if we are having too little or too much.
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New Body, New Life Transformation!