Principal's Bulletin

Edition 4 9.25.15

Mike's Message

Hello Superstars!!! It is so fun to see you all connecting with the kids, working together, and enjoying an outstanding camaraderie!! Great to be a HAWK!! Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Back to School Night for Middle School

Back to School Night - Tuesday 9-29-15

Pizza and water will be available on Tuesday in the teacher's lounge from 4:30pm to 5:20pm!!

Opening Session is at 5:00pm in the gym with all the parents. You are not required to be there and I have attached the slides I will be presenting. First period will start at 5:30pm. Be on time, because if you get off, the parents miss out on their next period.

MIDDLE – 6th-8th grades

5:30 – 5:40 – 1st period
5:43 – 5:53 – 2nd period
5:56 – 6:06 – 3rd period
6:09 – 6:19 – 4th period
6:21 – 6:31 – 5th period
6:34 – 6:44 – 6th period
6:47 – 6:57 – 7th period

You have all done this before and know the importance of Back to School Night. It is one of the few opportunities you have to directly communicate with parents regarding the exact nature of what your vision is for this year. The impact upon parents is substantial especially in the huge transition to our new Rigorous California State Standards. Try not to use the words Common Core - we are all under the new Rigorous California State Standards.

Parent sign in sheets are optional. Maximize your 10min you have with the parents.

While you and I know that physical environment may not reflect what actually occurs in a given classroom, it does make an impression. You all have wonderful classrooms and proud to display them!

Parents have a financial investment in the school system, but a much more personal investment and interest in their own child. Enjoy the personal connections you all have built with your students - share it out!

Thank them for coming and for all their financial and educational support. We could not achieve what we have without a community effort! Make it a slide if you are showing a powerpoint.

Some of you have large classes. Maximize your space by pulling chairs towards the middle to allow for parents to stand because you will not have enough chairs.

Flyers are in your box, please hand out Monday morning during 1st period. Encourage all to give to their parents to enjoy the night. Tammis has to print many schedules that night, so let’s all try to minimize the lack of schedules.


We are getting closer! I have updated each of your departments SPSA Google Doc you started. I took all your information and included it in the template. The district does not want us to have CAASPP scores as our goal because they will not be available when we look to see if we hit our mark. Therefore, you will see how I reworked the goals, with help from a few of you, to make it centered on the summative measures we use throughout the year. Please take a look at your SPSA Google Doc and spend some more time during next week's PLC meeting to get closer to finishing.

In the Google Doc, You will see a communication rubric that you need to review and provide feedback during staff meeting. I also included the

Oct 7 is our next Staff Meeting (2:00pm - 3:10pm). We will take time to finish up all department templates. The first School Site Council meeting is the next night, and I would like to present your department's vision. All funds need to be placed in the SPSA if you wish to have funding. I budget in the beginning of the year for the whole year. All funds will be accounted for once we ask the School Site Council to vote on the SPSA - Oct 20th (second meeting).

Upcoming Events

September 28 – October 2, 2015

September 28 Monday

Cross Country Practice @ 2:45 @ Field

September 29 Tuesday

DARE @ 11:30 @ Multi

Cross Country Practice @ 2:45 @ Field

Back to School Night @ 5:00 @ Gym/Classrooms

September 30 Wednesday

Early Release

College Wear

Rita’s Ice @ 1:00 @ Front of School

Mine Craft @ 1:00 @ Room 6-116

PLC @ 1:30 @ Classrooms

Basketball @ 1:30 @ Outside Basketball Courts

Chess @ 1:30 @ Lunch Tables

Drama @ 1:30 @ Multi/Drama

DARE @ 8:30 @ Multi

October 1 Thursday

5th Grade Music @ 8:10 @ Multi, Room 6-201, 6-116, 5-211

After School Detention @ 2:45 @ Room 5-212

Homework Club @ 2:45 @ Room 5-201

Cross Country Practice @ 2:45 @ Filed

October 2 Friday

Turn in Attendance to Jackie

Spirit Wear

Club Rush

FIBO @ 1:00 @ Multi


Billings, Tonya 10/04/15

Bruner, Kevin 10/08/15

Bryant, Brenda 10/13/15

Maki, Marta 10/20/15

Englebrecht, Megan 10/21/15

Li, Lisa 10/21/15