What's New at 610 Henry?

A message from your 610 Henry Unity Committee

What's this newsletter all about?

Hi everyone,

This year at 610 Henry one of our goals is to strengthen the Pre-K-12 collaboration and unity in our school building. Each month we will share with you some highlights of the exciting project based work going on in classrooms across the whole building and will also highlight examples of collaboration between BNS and BCS students. If you would like to be involved in the work we are doing, please e-mail Amy (amysumner@bns146.org) or Amanda (amandab@bcs448.org)

Our shared mission statement:

At 610 Henry Street we envision a diverse and inclusive learning community of students and the adults who work with them, all engaged in thought, dialogue, and exploration. Through the use of a project-based inquiry curriculum, we help students become independent thinking human beings, who understand how to learn. At each stage of learning, educators foster the development of young people’s voice and sense of personal and social responsibility.

Highlights from BCS

At BCS this fall we’ve launched Expeditionary Thursdays. Every other week BCS students leave the school building and engage in a day of curriculum related field work. Some highlights from the work so far include:

  • The 6th graders reading their personal narratives at the Dweck Center in the Brooklyn Public Library.

  • The 8th graders participating in a scavenger hunt and interactive tour of Downtown Manhattan where they explored the original site of NY slave trade, abolitionist revolts and rebellions that took place in the area as well as how and where slaves and free black were allowed to worship.

  • 9th grade ELA students participating in a day long forum answering the question: How do poets use their art to express their identity?

  • Students in Climate Change class investigating the effect that Hurricane Sandy had on the Red Hook neighborhood. They heard from the Assistant General Manager at Fairway Markets about the extensive damage sustained to their facility; measured how far above the water the pier is at the end of Van Brunt Street and also measured the height of the storm surge in Red Hook. Finally, they heard from the staff at Red Hook Initiative about the work that they did in the Red Hook community post-hurricane.

  • 7th grade students went to the Brooklyn Museum and the MET to participate in a guided tour of "dystopian" art. This tour accompanied their study of dystopian literature in ELA class.

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Highlights from BNS

The 5th grade has started their Mayan study. Twice a week they break into smaller groups to explore Mayan cooking, weaving, architecture, mythology, water systems, research and stone carving. The Labs will have a culminating event in February.

4th grade is studying the Eastern Woodlands, looking at how the environment shaped the lives of the people. They are working with a visiting primitive technologist who teaches them how to flint knapp, make fire from sticks and rebuild the wigwam in Prospect Park. The 4th grade Eastern Woodlands Museum will be in early 2015.

3rd grade has started their China study. They take trips to the American Museum of Natural History and the China Scholars' Garden to research. The 3rd graders investigate discoveries that have changed the world - silk, paper and gunpowder. The China Museum will take place the first week of February.

Collaboration at Apple Fest!

BNS and BCS families worked side by side to run our fall fundraiser and harvest festival, The Apple Fest. When we work together we can accomplish so many great things!

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Stay Tuned for more information on upcoming collaboration

5th graders and 8th graders will be reading together in book clubs.

10th graders will be working with younger students on a kindness campaign.

Check back next month for photos of them at work.