About The Middle West


Diffrent Types Of Landforms

The Arch Gateway was built between 1963 and 1965. A lot of mountains are found in the mid west. Lake Huron is a huge bodie of water. The badlands are rocky which is brong back when dinosaurs were alive.


The mid west is the best place to grow plants. It is the most abundant corn providing areas in the world. The corn belt is not only the mid west it's in other states to.The mid west is the best corn growing part of the world.


The mid west has humid continetal climate. Winters are bitterly cold. Snow may cover the ground all season long. A trip to school could be very dangerous with heavy snow and ice.In summer precipitation falls as rain. The mid west may expirence many severe storms. Many tornadoes occur in the mid west. which is called tornadoe alley.


They farm in the mid west which is a job they do every day. making computers and fixing software is a every day thing which is a job. They also make cars out of steel and they also sell food of what they farmed.


In the mid west region they usally mine Iron,Lime stone and steel. They use steel for making cars, They use Iron for making spoons, forks, and knifes and so on. They also use lime stone for acidity for soils.