Superintendent Update

Caldwell Parish Schools

Greetings Team Caldwell!

WOW! What a whirlwind of a month! October always feels so jam-packed with football, pumpkins, Homecoming festivities, Halloween and Red Ribbon Week fun! It's such an exciting month, but exhausting at the same time. I hope you all know how much we appreciate your commitment to making sure your students receive the best educational experience in AND out of the classroom.

Three years later and we are still working hard to overcome the gaps created by COVID-19. Our district literacy team and teachers are working tirelessly to make sure that EVERY child learns to read on level. Our goal is that NO ONE falls through the cracks! Be on the lookout! Elementary schools will be planning family literacy nights in the near future so that we can work hand in hand with parents to help our students learn to read!

We are pushing forward with our ANet partners to increase student engagement and performance by shifting the "cognitive lift" to our students. Specifically, we are supporting teachers to ensure that our students are doing the thinking and the talking as we support them with the content.

During October, I had the pleasure of meeting with our Superintendent Teacher Advisory Council for our quarterly meeting, and I enjoyed spending time with teachers who are in the trenches and hearing feedback on how we can improve our support. In the next couple of weeks, I will meet with the student councils/committees at UCES, CPJH and CPHS to hear their perspectives as well!

Thanks for all you do for the students of Caldwell Parish!

Nicki McCann, Superintendent

Spartan Statue

Thank you to our friends at Caldwell Bank for erecting the beautiful Spartan statue in front of Caldwell Parish High School. What a perfect gift for the 60th year anniversary of CPHS! If you get a chance, stop by and visit it in person! Pictures just don't do it justice!
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Teacher Spotlights

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Early Childhood Spotlight

October has been an exciting month for our schools! Parents and Community members have visited classrooms and talked to children about their jobs, shared a book or actually let students have a chance for some “hands on” fun when the sheriff’s deputies visit with their patrol cars! The Siren is always the highlight! October EC Highlights

Elementary Spotlight

CES students who earned the PBIS (positive behavior) reward experienced and “ooey gooey” science lab filled with mystery items that required them to use their senses and investigative skills to determine what was in the spooky box! Snake eggs? A brain? Oh my!.

Science Video

Secondary Spotlight

Students in Ms. Pittman’s 7th grade science class are studying the effects of external sources on a balloon. They make predictions about what the effect of dry ice will be on the balloon and also when the dry ice is removed.

Ms. Pittman's science

CTE Spotlight

October is National Manufacturing Month and October 12th was National Farmer’s Day. Our Agriscience, welding and carpentry teachers do an outstanding job preparing students for their future. Big thanks to Mrs. Jennifer Meadows and Mr. Joey Williamson for all they do for our programs. Manufacturing Video

Student Support

Mrs. Eubank’s class used visual dice of story elements to create stories.

Mrs. Eubanks Class


Blending (putting sounds together) and segmenting (pulling sounds apart) are skills that are important for learning to read and spell. Students begin to understand that spoken words can be broken up into individual sounds called phonemes and that letters can be used to represent those sounds. Click on the link below to watch a Kindergarten class play hopscotch to blend and segment words to develop their phonics skills.

Learning to Blend Words

October is National Principals Month!

Please join us in thanking these wonderful leaders in Caldwell Parish! They all work hard to make school the very best experience possible!
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Technology Tips for Teachers

CPSB YouTube

CPSB Youtube is linked near the bottom of the new district website. Here is the direct link:

Technology Update

Reminder!! Teachers please complete your KnowBe4 Training

Technology Newsletter

New Teacher Corner

Kudos to our new teachers for attending TAP training and applying what you’ve learned from each session! If you have any questions or just need some extra support, please reach out to Ericka Broadnax at
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Student Life

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CPHS Band District Competion

Congratulations to Director Ian Lee and our CPHS Band and Colorguard, who scored straight 2's (Excellent) across the board at the District Marching Festival. They will compete again on November 4th at Sterlington High School.

Voice of the Spartans

Check out the latest student video from the Voice of Spartans!
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Parent Information

October Title I Parent Newsletter