She Crazy

by: Parker Ramirez P-4

It's weird when you see someone wearing a kitty-cat costume in public in front of millions of people watching. At a MTV Awards show, Miley did just that. Miley Cyrus is very inappropriate person.

Some artist in the celeb world act normal and do normal things. But Miley thinks that acting normal is stupid. So she acts different. Really different.

Miley was a young girl that wanted to be a very big pop and actress star. When she got older she started getting really famous. Now, she is 21 and is as popular as a any girl wants to be.

Miley has a huge family. Her mom, dad, four brothers, and her only younger sister. As a child, her family had a very popular TV show called ''Hannah Montana''

She was just like any other girl. wanted to be pretty, famous, and rich. But when she got older, she started do terrible things to herself. She cut her hair extremely short for a women, and started act horrific.

Tons of people have wondered who inspired this unique girl. Well the person who inspired Miley was designer Mark Jacobs.

I've ask myself something, is she really out of control. She has been misbehaving for a very long time now. As the weeks go on, she get's worse and worse. So i have now answered my own question. She is out of control.

I interviewed Miley and asked her why she is doing the stuff she is doing. She said, '' When i was younger i wanted to set a very good example for the kids that idled me because I was Hannah Montana. So now that I'm older. The kids that idled me are older to. So I became the person i wanted to be''.

My friends asked me if she will ever stop. She told me she knows what she is doing really messed up my life. But she will never, ever go back to the goody goody Miley Cyrus again. She does know what she is doing is wrong, and she knows she screwed her life up.

Miley Cyrus is a bad taste most of the time. She is so nasty she made me not like her at all. Don't be stupid.


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