Link and Learn Friday

September 6 2013


Math worksheet generator (all ages) is so quick and easy I'm hoping that some of you find it useful. This is a program that would be installed on your computer so try it out in the lab first and then I can install it for you if you decide to use it.

How it works:
Enter an example problem, enter the amount of problems you want generated, hit the create button and your worksheet opens in Word, it even generates an answer key. This would be great for home use too! Students or parents could create practice worksheets. Will even generate equations for Algebra!

See this link for more information:


Kindoma - FREE (all ages) This app uses Skype technology for interactive reading. Uses 2 IPADS anywhere in the world to connect and read a story together. The possibilities are endless: 2 students in different classes or buildings read together, have a guest mystery reader from anywhere connect for a reading session in your classroom, or grandparents read to their kids in another state. A mixture of free and purchase only books to read.


FoodGawker (Warning - do not go to this site if you're hungry) This website is like Pinterest for recipes. Beautiful photos and links to recipes. Now all you need is someone to cook it for you..... click here:

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!