Jeffrey/Mead Team Blog

10/4 - 10/7

Students have persevered through having a very late lunch this year. This coming week our schedule changes and lunch/recess will be from 11:05-12:05. Hopefully students will find the new schedule more enjoyable!


Each day students participate in a Number Talk which are designed to help students become flexible, accurate and efficient when making calculations. The strategies we are teaching help students solve problems across all four operations. Right now Ms. Jeffrey's class is working on multiplication with partial products as well as halving and doubling.

Calendar Grid and Calendar Collector have also continued in classrooms. Students have been making connections between the work we do in Number Corner and the work we do in our unit lessons. This month Grid has focused on the relationship between money and time while Collector is about volume, a concept from a fifth grade essential standard.

Students have also learned math games during this time. Some games students have learned are Digit Place, Close to 100, and Pathways. These games give students opportunities to practice addition, subtraction and multiplication as well as get to know each other and practice cooperative skills.

Unit 1 focuses on multiplication, volume and division. This week students continued working on writing expressions and equations to show multiplicative relationships. Furthermore, we began to work on division strategies and how to handle the remainders. We will wrap up this unit in the coming weeks. Up next - fractions in Unit 2!

Unit 1 Overview

Math Stars

Students can work on their math stars worksheets independently at school and home. Worksheets should be handed in Thursday morning for double stars. They will have the opportunity to ask questions and get help on Thursday and resubmit their math stars for single stars. We hope kids have fun with this extra math opportunity!

Read Aloud

Ms. Jeffrey's class began reading The Canyon's Edge. This book is on the current Golden Dome Award list. It is the story of Nora who is struggling with the loss of her mother in addition to feeling like her father is sheltering her too much. Nora and her dad go climbing in a canyon near their home in Arizona on the anniversary of her mother's death, which also happens to he Nora's birthday. After climbing down into the canyon Nora and her father get into an argument. Just as Nora shouts at her father the ground begins to shake. There is a huge flood and Nora's father gets pulled away from her. After the water recedes Nora is struggling with the idea that she may have lost her father. This book is written in verse and told in first person. It is a powerful first hand account of dealing with loss.
Mrs. Mead's class has started Cinders & Sparrows by Stephen Bachmann. This is a book from this years Vermont Golden Dome list. Zita is an orphan who receives a letter stating that she is the heir to a fortune and castle called Blackbird Castle and that her name is really Brydgeborn. Zita has heard that name before an immediately sets out to finally meet her family. When she arrives at the castle her heritage is questioned by Mrs. Cantanker who runs the estate. Mrs. Cantanker shows Zita that her family has been cursed by someone very powerful that essentially froze her family in their seats at the dinner table. Mrs. Cantanker explains that Zita must first prove she is a witch before she can claim the castle and the inheritance. Zita does so when she identifies a spirit in one of the towers. The alarming thing is that the room they are in when she does is supposed to be impossible for spirits to get into. It is clear that not all is well at Blackbird Castle. We are curious who cursed the Brydgeborns and if Mrs. Cantanker is really who she seems to be.


Our first writing genre of the year is opinion. Students have spent time brainstorming and writing about personal opinion topics. We began some of this work by thinking about things that bug or bother us. We are working ways to add more to your writing without repeating the same words or ideas.

Students will continue to take word study assessments so we can determine instructional needs for groupings. For the next two weeks we will do practice for upcoming word study instruction.


Students continue to work on building good reading habits. Students have been building stamina for independent reading and writing about reading. They are learning how to monitor or pay attention to their reading and what to do when their attention wanders.

We are wrapping up reading assessments. We will use the results to plan mini lessons, group strategy lessons, guided reading groups as well as book groups.

Ms. Jeffrey's class finished their On My Honor book group. Next week they will be in smaller groups reading books at their level. They will be reading Walk Two Moons, Stranded, Night of the Twisters and Hatchet.

Mrs. Mead's students are reading Wonder In this round the whole class will read the same book and we will model expectations for book discussions and reader's notebook responses. Students can get support reading the books by accessing the audio recording in Google Classroom.


Students continue to learn about matter. Included in that learning is the different properties of matter and important vocabulary students will need to know. As the unit continues students will participate in Kahoots, Science Court, and Mystery Science lessons.

FMS Fun Run

The FMS Fun Run has been rescheduled to Friday, October 22.


The FMS Wellness Committee is sponsoring a sock drive this October. Help us make this a real Socktober! Socktober is a national sole warming movement that gives everyone an easy and fun way to help those in need. As one of the most overlooked donated items we aim to put clean, warm and comfy socks on men, women and children. Each time a student donates a pair of socks, they will receive a paper sock to decorate and hang in the hallway. Please help us make this a Socktober to remember by donating socks of any style or color. New socks only please. Sizes infant to adult. The drop off bin is located near the front office.

School Wide SEL

Each week all students at FMS will participate in SEL instruction. Below is next week's lesson overview for 5th grade.

Lesson 5: My 10-Minute Goal


In this week’s lesson, your child will apply the full goal-setting process they learned in this unit to work toward a 10-minute goal of their choice.

Try This at Home

Ask your child about the goal-setting process they learned in this unit and why it’s important. Encourage them to set a new short-term goal that's right for them and to follow the process they learned. Check-in along the way to see how it’s going.


As students may have shared with families already, their lunch isn't until 1:00. Some kids are sharing that they are hungry by mid to late morning. If possible, families might want to pack some additional snacks.

Student Technology Tools

The following is a list of online programs students may use this year. Others could be added as the year progresses. Individual student password documents will be shared with students. We will be send home a permission form regarding student technology programs in the first weeks of school.

Safari Montage

Scholastic News



Spelling City

Book Creator

Typing Club


Khan Academy



Students will need two masks at school everyday. Masks will need to be worn on the bus to and from school. They should also be worn at school except when eating and during mask breaks, which we all need!

FMS Newsletter

You can read the Bobcat Bulletin here.

Four Winds

Read this flyer to learn about the Four Winds program at EES and FMS. Parent volunteers are needed!


To follow the Health & Safety Guidance provided by the Dept of Health, we are not allowing food-sharing activities at this time. We are also not allowing non-food items to be brought in for sharing an example, Valentine's Day cards.

Early Dismissal Procedure

IMPORTANT! Procedure for Early Dismissal

In the event that your child needs to be dismissed early, the following protocol must be followed:

  • On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday - you must pick up by 2:00 p.m.

  • Wednesday- you must pick up by 1:00pm.

  • Send your child’s teacher and Kim Kedzierski ( an email first thing in the morning letting them know what time your child needs to be dismissed, the reason why and the name of the person picking them up. Or, you can also call the attendance line at 879-6326 and leave a message stating your child’s name, time leaving, the name of the teacher, the reason why, and the name of the person picking them up.

  • When you arrive to pick up your child, please pull up to the front of the building and call Kim at 879-6326 to let her know you’re here

Important Dates

October 11 NO SCHOOL Indigenous Day

October 14 Picture Day at FMS

October 22 FMS Fun Run