Technology Resources for Math


TenMarks is an online math program that focuses on providing personalized programs for each individual student. The lessons are completely aligned with CCSS and are available for grades 2-10. TenMarks presents math concepts students are required to know in clear, easy to understand lessons with helpful hints, instant feedback, and instruction. Each student is provided with practice, instruction, assessment, and intervention specifically tailored to his/her own needs.

Check it out!

Study Jams

For engaging, educational videos, check out Study Jams.

Definitely a resource parents always love using to help their children study at home.

Manny's Rumba

Use this fun interactive to have students practice using base ten blocks!

Number Machine

Award Ceremony

Find a Friend

Sum Sense Division Game

Drag and Drop Math

Math Magic

That's a Fact

Tumbleweed's Math Maze

Anyone would love playing this math game! It's basically Chutes and Ladders...

Bowling for Fractions

Practice fractions with a little bowling!

Tony's Fraction Pizza Shop

A fun, educational game with some real life situations thrown in? Yes, please!

What's My Angle?

Planet Hop

Banana Hunt

Cash Out

Another fun, educational game with real life situations, except for the fact that the customers are zoo animals!

IXL Math