Media and Media Literacy

Natalia Tsacheva

Wordle Journal #1


To my suprise the two research result were pretty similar. When I searched Sochi on my iPhone it did give me more information such as pictures, location, and weather, while on the description version I didn't get that. The Google search that was done on the description version had an ad visplay in the beginning and it was related to my search for Sochi.

What did your Google results show? Sochi Journal #3

Using Google to do a search on myself was quite interesting. I typed my first and last name and a ton of information popped up. The first link that came up was of course Facebook, that didn't suprise me at all sense Facebook is so popular and is a known tool for finding people. My Pinterest account also showed up. The good think about Pinterest is that you have to have account to view the website and the only way to get an account is through an invitation sent from a pre existing member. My Prezi and S'more account also appeared, but I'm not worried about those sense there isn't much private information involved. Teitter was also in the results, but that is normal because it is one of the main social websites I use. One link that did paper and made me really uncomfortable is called MyLife. It's basically a background on me and anyone else. It had personal information such as my birthday date, age, adress, previous addresses, my parents and relatives, and who was searching for me. And that was only the basic information that was provided, you can purchase a membership and receive even more information about the person you are looking for. That scares me and makes me extreamly unfomfprtable. Also what's creepy is that the websites shows that there are 2 males searching for me, that is not something I want to know. I think my social media account setting are set at the right amount and I don't mind what I have posted online. This website that provides personal information to other is what I'm not okay with and it definitely scares me that someone can pay money to receive even more information about me.

The Search for Myself... Journal #4